United Nations atomic energy agency: Iran complying with nuclear deal

Posted September 02, 2017

US President Donald Trump had said in August he did not consider Iran in compliance and dispatched his United Nations envoy to Vienna to convey his concerns.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium is 88.4 kg, less than a third of the maximum allowed under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the official name of the 2015 agreement.

An Israeli military strike may be the only option left to effectively derail Iran's nuclear program, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton said.

France suggested on Wednesday that the nuclear deal Iran struck with world powers in 2015 could be supplemented through "future consultations" to include the post-2025 period and tackle Iran's development of ballistic missiles.

Haley had reportedly abstained from presenting any evidence to justify such inspections at her meeting with the IAEA in Vienna, the statement added.

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The IAEA has the authority to request access to facilities in Iran, including military, if there are any credible indications of banned nuclear activities. "The IAEA, US intelligence community and our allies in the P5+1 have all affirmed Iran's compliance".

The United States is pushing U.N. nuclear inspectors to check military sites in Iran to verify it is not breaching its nuclear deal with world powers.

"The report reveals that USA officials' rhetoric and media hype has not impacted its verification activities and reporting on the case", continued the official stressing that Iran and all member states expect the agency's secretariat to keep up its professional job impartially. "If it was up to me, I would have had them noncompliant 180 days ago", Trump told the Wall Street Journal in late July.

The report comes at a critical time, as Mr Trump has threatened to withhold his certification of Iranian compliance when he is next required to report to Congress in mid-October.

IAEA officials said they would not help the Trump administration make a false case for abandoning the agreement.

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They've produced eight reports since January 2016 showing that Iran is in broad compliance with the accord, called the JCPOA.

The 2015 deal sought to allay fears that Iran was producing nuclear weapons by severely restricting its nuclear development in exchange for the lifting of billions of dollars' worth of worldwide sanctions against Tehran.

"According to the JCPOA, it is up to the IAEA (not one or another party to the accord) to request access and determine if Iran's cooperation is sufficient to resolve concerns", Daryl Kimball, with the Arms Control Association, told Al-Monitor via email.

Although Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany also signed on to the pact, Iran and the United States were the key players.

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