Syrian Army liberates last major terrorists' resistance area in Central Syria

Posted September 03, 2017

Nasrallah said earlier this week that the deal would include the handover of a Hezbollah fighter held by IS as well as the bodies of two Hezbollah members and Hojaji.

The deal comes after the Lebanese Army launched an offensive - dubbed the Fajr al-Joroud - against the Daesh militants who have been entrenched on the Lebanese-Syrian border since 2014.

France's armed forces are in action as part of the US-led worldwide coalition fighting Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

The Hezbollah-negotiated deal angered Iraq and the US and a convoy carrying around 300 militants and as many family members has been stuck since early this week in a government-controlled area in the desert outside Deir el-Zour province.

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"We are continuing to monitor that convoy and will continue to disrupt its movement east to link up with any other ISIS element and we will continue to strike any other ISIS elements that try to move towards it", Col Dillon said.

This angered both the US-led coalition (which does not want more battle-hardened militants in an area where it is operating) and Iraq (which sees them as a threat because the convoy's proposed destination of Al-Bukamal is close to its own border).

"I went to President Assad.I went to Damascus", he said, adding that he sought to convince Assad to let the convoy pass through government territory.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has traveled to a town recently captured from Islamic State group militants to attend Eid al-Adha prayers. He also addressed the fighting against ISIS: "Contrary to Hezbollah's claims, the Lebanese army played an essential role".

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Rami Abdurrahman, who heads the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said some ambulances that were part of the IS convoy were able to cross into IS-held territories in Syria on Thursday.

The Syrian armed forces and popular units backed by the Russian aerospace forces have liberated the strategically important city of Uqayribat in Hama province from Daesh terrorists.

France wants to organize a conference in Lebanon in early 2018 on the return of refugees to Syria and another in Paris on global investments in Lebanon, French President Emmanuel Macaron said Friday after meeting Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Russia, which is providing air support to Assad's forces, says capturing Deir el-Zour is the current military priority.

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