US, Bangladesh Officials to Meet, Focus on Rohingya Crisis

Posted October 04, 2017

The refugees "are arriving at the western grove between Letphwekya and Kwunthpin village to emigrate to the neighboring country", the state-backed Global new Light of Myanmar reported on Tuesday.

A Myanmar official tally says hundreds of people died as violence consumed remote communities, including Rohingya.

Northern Rakhine has been torn apart by violence since August 25, when deadly raids by Rohingya militants on police posts sparked a massive army crackdown that the United Nations says is tantamount to "ethnic cleansing".

Diplomats and other INGOs accompanied them on the trip, which was delayed from last week.

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According to him, both sides made a decision to form a joint working group soon which will draw up plans for the repatriation of Rohingya refugees.

In Bangladesh, the uncontrollable flood of refugees has overwhelmed aid agencies. "The Rakhine (Buddhist) villages nearby, they are treating them very badly and because of that people are afraid to go out. they feel they can not get out of their village to do any livelihood".

It was unclear whether Myanmar would place restrictions on which refugees would be allowed to return home.

"Everything was burned, even people were burned", said a refugee who identified himself as Abdullah, dismissing the chances that people would have the necessary documentation for verification of identity.

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Illegal immigrants can not claim fundamental rights which are otherwise available even to non-citizens, the Centre on Tuesday told the Supreme Court in its fresh response to the PIL of two Rohingya refugees challenging their deportation to Myanmar.

Amina Katu, 60, laughed at the thought of returning.

Government lawyer Tushar Mehta told the court during the hearing that Rohingya refugees will cause wage rates to go down, adding to its earlier arguments that Rohingya were a security threat.

Nobel peace laureate Suu Kyi, who has been severely criticised for her failure to curb the military crackdown on the Rohingyas, said in a speech last month that Myanmar would take back "verified" refugees. "But it (joint working group) will (be formed) very soon", said Ali.

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Bangladeshi men help Rohingya refugees to disembark from a boat on the Bangladeshi shoreline of the Naf river after crossing the border from Myanmar in Teknaf. The law in Myanmar does not recognize the Rohingya ethnic minority as one of its "national races".