Android Wear Page Suddenly Disappears From Google Store

Posted October 06, 2017

As such, we could see Android Wear slowly peter out of existence; Google often cans projects and products it hasn't found masses of success with, such as ending its efforts to make a modular smartphone platform with Project Ara. Google Assistant is getting more integrations with Nest, which is also owned by Google. Add to that even earlier version numbers (8.2.38, 8.2.37, 8.2.36 and 8.2.32) and you get the idea that Google is pushing out changes as rapidly to the Play Store as it can.

Facebook ads targeted Wisconsin, Michigan
Only recently has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg loosened his defenses about the company's role in the election. Roughly 25% of the ads were never displayed to anyone, Facebook put this down to their irrelevance to users.

Apart from the new feature of changing the voice, Google's Pixel event also unveiled some new ways in which the AI's voice assistant can be used, for example, by reading out stories to children, playing games and also for broadcasting messages to multiple Google Assistant devices at a time. Now any user with a phone that has the Google Assistant enabled can say things like: "OK Google, play Spotify" or "OK Google, play some dreampop on Spotify". It is just a shortcut that you can place on your home screen or app drawer for easy access of the Google Assistant.

Bale likely to miss Espanyol clash
They lie in ninth position in the runners up table with Bosnia in Group H above them on goal difference. We can change all of [the talk about poor home form] tomorrow.

Other rumours have been bubbling away that Google may have been working on a Pixel branded smartwatch, though had that been the case we'd have expected to see it mentioned at Google's Pixel showcase yesterday.

Mom flew to Germany, left 4 kids home alone in Iowa
Macke allegedly told police she could not find babysitters for her children. Police called Macke while she was in Germany and demanded she return home.

The Google Assistant capability follows other initiatives by the company, including an online gift concierge called GWYN (gifts when you need) that's powered by IBM's Watson artificial intelligence. It was announced that the Google Assistant will now be able to tackle 100 million new questions, all of which have been added to its repertoire over the course of the past year. Your Google App must be up to date to use the Google Assitant on your phone. Still, it came as a bit of a shock tonight to notice that Google just completely removed that section of the store from public view.