U.S. trade chief says he is not focused on ending NAFTA

Posted October 18, 2017

Other thorny issues that US officials also pushed across the table in the fourth round included a USA proposal to weaken Canada's and Mexico's access to USA government procurement contracts and to eliminate a NAFTA chapter that has allowed Mexico and Canada to contest US anti-dumping and government-subsidy tariff decisions by turning to a special panel of judges.

The three countries wanted to renegotiate the deal before the end of the year.

The sources say Canadian negotiators are calling the demand "a non-starter".

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"Frankly, I am surprised and disappointed by the resistance to change by our negotiating partners on both fronts", Lighthizer said. It's possible that his administration is trying to sabotage the agreement to justify a withdrawal, said Paul Ashworth, the chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics.

The U.S. proposal would also require that cars sold into the United States be 50 percent manufactured here in order to qualify for special NAFTA status.

This year's NAFTA re-negotiations stem from U.S. President Donald Trump's insistence that the agreement be remodeled lest the U.S. leave the deal entirely. Canada and Mexico won't stand for it.

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The Trudeau government promised to keep the management of the offer, arguing that the United States kept to their side several of the programs of support to their own farmers. They have also put forward a clause, called "twilight" that could put an end to the NAFTA by five years. The Trump administration has proposed that at least 50% of the content in cars must be made in the US for vehicles from Mexico and Canada to enter the USA duty-free.

"We couldn't accept it", the Mexican government source said Tuesday.

Over the past year, Mexico has aggressively pursued new or updated trade deals with other countries, seeking new markets for its exports and new partners for imports. A fifth round of negotiations will take place in Mexico City starting November 17, with a "longer intersessional period" before it to consider the proposals.

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