Breast cancer linked to bacteria

Posted October 25, 2017

When the researchers took a closer look at these, they found distinct patterns specific to breast cancer.

It means that for one in five women their genes mean they have nearly a third higher chance of contracting the disease. "A better understanding of the biological basis of oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer may lead to more effective preventive interventions and treatments". A team at the Cleveland Clinic found differences in the types and amounts of bacteria between cancerous and non-cancerous breast tissue.

The study has shed more light on the BRCA1 gene, which Hollywood star Angelina Jolie famously inherited, before she had a mastectomy to reduce her risk.

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"If you could stop that (cancer) from ever happening to you that would change my quality of life and it would have meant I could have had a second child". Nationally, October is breast cancer awareness month and Brown's wants to help support the cause locally by mobilizing the entire organization.

However the discovery of 73 new genes not known about previously now put the total contribution of our genes to a breast cancer diagnosis at 18 per cent.

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Professor Jacques Simard, from Laval University in Quebec city, Canada, another member of the global team, said: 'Using data from genomic studies, combined with information on other known risk factors, will allow better breast cancer risk assessment, therefore helping to identify a small but meaningful proportion of women at high risk of breast cancer.

"We get grant funding through pharmaceutical companies and donations like the New Brunswick Fire Department", said Dorothy Reed, president and co-founder of the Sisters Network "It's hard economic times for everyone so when somebody just gives you a donation it's really a blessing". If their theory is proven, it may explain why the majority of breast cancers have no genetic ties. Whether it's fear of finding out they have cancer, or a misconception that a mammogram isn't the right type of screening for their breast type - excuses abound and many of them come from a place of fear or misinformation.

"Scientists are not in competition against each other", said professor Peter Kraft of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The studies identified genetic regions specifically associated with either oestrogen-receptor positive or oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer, underscoring the fact that these are biologically distinct cancers that develop differently.

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"But there are other risk factors".