Aston Martin reveals £3m Valkyrie AMR Pro

Posted November 17, 2017

Despite the fact it hasn't yet released the street-legal version of its Valkyrie hypercar, Aston Martin has already revealed it will build a track-only AMR Pro version as well, one able to keep pace with Formula One cars or top-class Le Mans prototypes.

Red Bull Technology's Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey, said: "While it is endowed with extraordinary performance, it has always been vitally important to me that the Valkyrie functions well as a true road auto, and that naturally comes with some constraints".

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There's only one thing likely to match a Valkyrie AMR Pro on a trackday, and that's another Valkyrie AMR Pro, although given the auto is accompanied by a full driving training programme and correspondingly exclusive track events, that's probably the reality for any owner.

Revealed today - well, a design sketch at least - the AMR Pro sets out to re-write what a track vehicle can do too, with Red Bull - partners in the AML Valkyrie project - saying it will be able to perform like an F1 auto. Moreover, the braking system now features full carbon-carbon racing brakes, and the Rimac-sourced energy recovery system has been re-programmed. We do know it uses a mid-mounted 6.5-liter naturally aspirated Cosworth V12 engine helped by an electric motor setup (rumors say there's just the one, but they could decide to put one on each front wheel).

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Some of the aero is visible in these early drawings: note the larger front and rear wings and Aston promises tweaked active elements which shape-shift depending on speed of entry and position on a track.

Aston hasn't released any Valkyrie AMR Pro specs, but we've heard the Valkyrie street vehicle will produce around 1130 hp and weigh just under 2300 lbs. Red Bull didn't release any revised power or torque figures for the vehicle just yet, so we'll have to wait and see how much it will make. "This much is obvious from the AMR Pro's running gear alone, which sees the 20" front and 21" rear wheels of the road auto replaced by 18" items on both axles. Why? Lighter polycarbonate windows and carbon fiber are used all around the auto. To shed weight, it receives polycarbonate windows, an updated suspension, a lighter exhaust system, fixed seats, and a lighter construction of carbon fiber bodywork. The AMR Pro also features F1 inspired race-spec carbon-carbon brakes as their performance characteristics are perfectly suited to the extremes of track use. Those lucky enough to take delivery will have access to Red Bull's driver training facilities, including time in the simulator and professional on-track tuition, plus programmes to improve physical fitness.

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The AMR Pro will be available from 2020, says Aston Martin, and just 25 of them will be built. The vehicle itself will have its own dedicated track events for owners to show up and drive.