Smokers Find Help Through Group Support Counseling

Posted November 17, 2017

By quitting, even for one day, Dr. Santhyadka says smokers will be taking an important step toward a healthier life and reducing their cancer risk.

The California American Cancer Society got almost a million smokers to quit for a day in 1976.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 160,000 people die each year from lung cancer caused by smoking.

The American Cancer Society is hoping to help some 36 million people quit smoking Thursday.

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Quitting smoking is not easy, but there are many treatment options and support services that can offer help, such as counseling services, prescriptions, and over the counter treatments.

Quitting smoking has immediate and long-term benefits at any age.

Don't smoke? You can still participate in The Great American Smokeout by encouraging your loved ones to kick the habit.

A few years ago we lost a cousin who was a heavy smoker to lung cancer.

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- In Ingham County, 20.7% of adults, and 9.1% of youth smoke cigarettes. The group includes representatives from across the campus community, and the policy it develops will target cigarettes, cigars and all smokeless tobacco products. Obtain quit kits from the PMC team on Thursday, Nov. 16 from 1-3 Meeker Drugs. And you can gain nine of those years back if you quit.

But when compared to national stats smoking is more popular in Indiana.

Caldwell County Health Department is partnering with the American Cancer Society, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support as people make their plan to quit.

He says that you may even qualify for free nicotine patches or gum to help you quit.

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