North Korea can not abandon nuclear programme, ambassador says

Posted November 18, 2017

"I don't know what is happening in North Korea, but I found many parasites when examining other defectors", added Professor Seo Min.

North Korea appears to be on an "aggressive schedule" to build its first operational ballistic missile submarine, Reuters reports. The report states that satellite images of the Sinpo South Shipyard taken November 5 show "the presence of what appear to be sections of a submarine's pressure hull in the yards".

There are concerns in South Korea that any potential USA strikes against North Korea's nuclear and missile programs could provoke devastating North Korean retaliation against South Korea. The World Food Programme (WFP) says a quarter of North Korean children from six-months to almost five-years old, who attend nurseries that the organisation assists, suffer from chronic malnutrition.

Images of a test stand indicated continued testing of a mechanism for ejection launch of missiles from a submarine.

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The UNSC adopted in September a new resolution that imposed fresh sanctions on North Korea after it carried out its sixth and largest nuclear test.

Mattis said the USA military was closely watching why there had been no missile launches recently, but declined to give potential reasons for it.

In July, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared he could strike the entire continental U.S. after test-firing the regime's second ICBM within a month - a claim disputed by American officials. His journey to Pyongyang follows a state visit to China last week by Donald Trump in which the U.S. president called on China to do more to rein in North Korea's nuke ambitions.

A special Chinese envoy to North Korea departed for Pyongyang on Friday amid speculation that the North's protracted halt in missile tests might be a signal that it's warming to the idea of direct talks with the US. "If Washington does not give it up, we will not budge by an inch from the path to strengthening our nuclear force", the newspaper of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea said. Xi has never met Kim.

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North Korea has conducted dozens of missile tests this year, and its largest and biggest nuclear test was on Sept 3.

"The United States should abandon its hostile policy toward North Korea".

Today, North Korea's Ambassador to the UN Han Tae-song met with Reuters in Geneva and claimed that his country won't negotiate with the U.S. as long as it continues military cooperation with South Korea.

"The DPRK, my country, will continue to build up its self-defence capability, the pivot of which is nuclear forces and capability for a triumphant. strike, as long as USA and hostile forces keep up (the) nuclear threat and blackmail", he said.

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