Concealed carry bill is risky

Posted December 08, 2017

We'd like to see significantly tighter gun controls on the federal level, but that's something legislators clearly lack the courage to accomplish. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act protects the rights of Kentucky gun owners by saying that if you can legally carry a firearm in the Commonwealth you won't have to worry about crossing into Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee or any other state as long as you follow that state's laws. Number two, her tweet ignores the fact that concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding of law-abiding citizens.

The House approved the bill Wednesday largely along party lines.

The bill, H.R. 38, will allow Americans who legally hide carry firearms to do so in other states.

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Through the now existing system, states are free to issue their own concealed carry permits and choose which other state's permits they want to recognize.

"House Republicans just ignored opposition from law enforcement and the public in order to eviscerate state gun laws and make it easy for people with risky histories and no training to carry hidden, loaded guns across the country", said John Feinblatt, Everytown president.

The bill was linked with legislation to improve the national background check system for gun purchases, a measure that has rare bipartisan consensus.

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The bill would make concealed carry licenses in one state valid across state lines. "They're going to be a million people here in about three weeks, and that would be perfectly legal even if it was against NY state law". More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. Leonard Lance (R-7) and Chris Smith (R-4)- voted no on the legislation, the first gun-related bill to be put up for a House vote since the deadly October mass shooting in Las Vegas. New Jersey is one of just 10 states that do not already recognize out-of-state concealed carry permits, which only reinforces the fact that New Jersey remains one of the leaders in understanding the value of tight gun controls. "The Congressman voted to make the job of our law enforcement agencies more hard and to allow untrained and potentially unsafe individuals to carry concealed weapons in New Jersey".

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