Facebook will alert users each time their image is uploaded

Posted December 22, 2017

The internet giant claims it will be useful if a user in your "friends network" posts an embarrassing photo without tagging you in it.

The new facial recognition tech can be turned on from the account's settings. Thus, you can still be in a photo and not receive a notification if you're not in the audience. He assures us that Facebook will not use the features to give strangers (other than Facebook, of course) our identities, and explains the "all or nothing" approach to the feature which will, rather than allowing you to specify how your information is used, merely decide whether to turn it on or off. Impersonation was one reported source of harassment that was brought up in a series of roundtables the company held around the world to discuss women's safety on social media.

Facebook had launched an automatic alt-text tool two years ago, which describes photos to people with vision loss. With the new feature called "photo Review", Facebook will find your face and notify you, even if you are not tagged. Face recognition feature was first introduced in 2010.

Well, that's the way Facebook tells it. Now, with face recognition, people who use screen readers will know who appears in photos in their News Feed even if people aren't tagged.

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Privacy experts argue that since Facebook is poised to beef up its facial recognition powers, it should also become more transparent about such decisions.

All this, in spite of the fact that people overwhelmingly loathe it when their photos are posted without their approval.

Additionally, users can control whether Facebook can recognize them in photos and videos using facial recognition with an on/off switch. Such were the tools at the time for the visually impaired - nearly nonexistent.

In other words, Facebook users might still appear in other users' photos and not be aware of it, depending on the audience limitations and whether or not the people are friends on Facebook.

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We'd still like to see Facebook come out with a setting where you specify that you can't be tagged at all.

The latest feature from Facebook gives users options to tag themselves, remain untagged, or report the photo to Facebook.

Would you opt for that one?

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