Arrested in Killing of Mother, Kids, Partner in NY

Posted December 31, 2017

The 15-year-old says he was away in MA when he learned his mother, brother, and sister were three of the four victims in a grisly murder scene in Troy, New York, reports CBS affiliate WRGB.

The apartment building's property manager discovered the bodies Tuesday afternoon after being contacted by concerned family members who said the victims were not answering phone calls. Police say Myers and Mells were in a relationship.

Police Chief John Tedesco says he has "never seen savagery like this" in 42 years in law enforcement.

Justin Mann, 24, left, and James White, 38, right, have been arrested for murder.

Troy police on Thursday identified the victims as 36-year-old Shanta Myers; her children, 11-year-old Jeremiah Myers and 5-year-old Shanise Myers; and 22-year-old Brandi Mells.

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"After being in business for nearly 42 years I can't describe the savagery of a person like this", Todesco said.

"I'm scared to go to the corner store", he told reporters, according to the Times Union.

During the emotional press conference, one attendee spoke up to say: "I was the coach of that young man".

Shanta's other son Isaiah Smith, 15, said he was away in MA when he found out that his mother, sister and brother had been murdered.

Speaking about the moment he found out about his family he said he "couldn't believe it".

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"It feels like somebody's ripped us to shreds, and we only have each other right now, and we are grasping and holding on to each other for dear life".

Shakera said that Shanise, 5, told her "a week ago: 'Auntie I know how to make spaghetti'". She said her suffering is irreparable. Myers had a 15-year-old son who was out of town on a retreat at the time of the murders.

Tedesco told Fox News that "certain factors were uncovered during the investigation" that may mean the killings were targeted.

"That girl was like a grown woman in a little body", her cousin, Khalif Coleman, told reporters, according to the Times Union.

Captain Dan DeWolf of the city's police department called the murders "horrific", adding that "it's frightful, terrible, sad".

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"If you know something that could help us put the monster away who did this to my sister and her attractive babies, you've got to say something".