'The Crown' Taps Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret

Posted January 06, 2018

If you've finished binge-watching the second season of The Crown on Netflix, you're probably wondering when the third season will arrive.

Showrunner Morgan spoke about his decision to recast the roles past year, explaining to Screen Daily: "I feel that when we reach 1963-64 we've gone as far as we can go with Claire Foy without having to do silly things in terms of make-up to make her look older... Someone has to bring their own fatigue to it", Morgan told Variety prior to the series' premiere in 2016. "The feelings we all have as 50-year-olds are different than the feelings we all have as 30-year-olds", Morgan explained. She would star alongside Olivia Colman, replacing Claire Foy as Elizabeth. "That informs everything we do". In 2010, the Harry Potter actress received an Oscar nomination for her role as the Queen Mother (Princess Margaret's mom) in The King's Speech.

The Crown Season 3 Everything We Know So Far
The Crown Season 3 Everything We Know So Far

"The Crown" is looking to add another member to its royal family.

Series creator Peter Morgan has always said that he meant to replace key cast members in later seasons, to better portray the main characters as they age.

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Hopefully, there are some more castings announced in the days ahead; we know that for us, we're very much curious to learn precisely who could be starring in the role of Philip. But the excitement of it so far has been introducing new names, like Foy and Kirby.

Would you like to see Helena Bonham Carter play Princess Margaret on The Crown?

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Season 3 promises to be a big one for Margaret.

As time passes on screen and the royals continue to age, new actors are being cast to replace the younger stars - and one of those new actors may be Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret.

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