Brad Pitt outbid on GoT screening

Posted January 09, 2018

Brad attended the 2018 Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala in Hollywood charity event yesterday where he bid a hefty $120K United States dollars (roughly $153K AUD) to watch an episode of the hit HBO series with the gorgeous Emilia Clarke! Kit Harrington was also in attendance.

The auction drama continued as DiCaprio bid $80,000 for an original Josh Smith painting that ended up in Clarke's hands after she outbid him with $90,000.

Taking place Saturday night in Los Angeles at Sean Penn's annual gala for Haiti, the auction reportedly started at $20,000 and quickly escalated.

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Brad Pitt must really like Game of Thrones.

It was announced that the chance to watch an episode of "Game of Thrones" with star Emilia Clarke was up for grabs.

The bidding started at U.S. $20,000 but quickly rose and hit the $120,000 mark when Harington said he would also sit in on the episode with the victor.

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After all that, the actor was outbid by another attendee who offered $160,000.

"During the first auction, Brad was on his phone. [Leonardo DiCaprio] enthusiastically watched the whole auction, turning his head back and forth between Brad and Emilia". The 54-year-old actor raised his final bid to USD120,000 (RM478,500)! Hollywood stars are also feverishly awaiting and anticipating who will take the throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms. When he returned, he said he was willing to be part of the episode viewing. "Now we're through it because there's a new season coming out".

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