IOS Messaging Bug Can Freeze Your iPhone

Posted January 19, 2018

There's a new Apple "text bomb", which can cause an iPhone or even a Mac to crash and in this particular instance, the text is shared in the form of a website link on iMessage.

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According to reports, the bug came into public knowledge through software developer Abraham Masri, who apparently found the bug while tinkering around the operating system and trying to input random characters into its internal code. "Btw, I always report bugs before releasing them", he wrote. The Messages app then becomes unresponsive. You don't want your gadget to get infected with malware, ransomware, or a bug that causes all kinds of technical issues. When the link to the page is sent, the iMessage generates a preview on the receiving device, which is when the problems begin.

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As ever, the best method of defence against this kind of bug is to regularly update your phone, tablet and computer's software. Twitter user ‏@D3mRid3rOS replied to Masri's text with a Safari link created to fix the problem, but we're not convinced it won't end up harming your device. It appears the bug works the same way similar problems have in the past; when you text a link, Apple's message program attempts to open the link in the background for easy access, overwhelming the app.

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The flaw affects iOS versions 10.0 to 11.2.5 beta 5. This renders the attack useless unless someone was to copy the code and post it on another platform to be disseminated again. "Readers with long memories will recall that Apple users have been bedeviled by text bomb vulnerabilities like this in the past". Even resetting is somewhat problematic in that issues will persist until the entire thread containing the link is deleted from Messages. There has also been no word if there is already a fix on the way, but considering how protective Apple is of its brand, the bug is going to be patched one way or another.