Google to use mobile page loading speed to rank websites

Posted January 20, 2018

Google has done this on the desktop for a long time.

Slow websites are lame, and Google knows it. Starting in July 2018, Google will use a page's speed in the ranking algorithm for mobile searches. Plus, they're using more apps, not web browsers, to reach the online services they're interested in. The same standard will also be applied to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page. A slow page may still rank well if it's content is highly relevant to what the user is searching for. One example of that is the company's controversial Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) project, which places sites with AMP support in front of everyone else on search.

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Despite the changes, the post explained that the intent of the search query is "still a very strong signal".

Of course, page speed will not be the only factor used to determine the ranking of mobile pages.

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Wang and Phan encouraged webmasters to review various user experience metrics that Google has made available over the years to figure out how their site performance might be impacting the overall experience of mobile users. It is encouraging developers to think about how performance affects user experience of their page, and to consider user experience metrics. There is no tool that directly indicates whether a page is affected by this new ranking factor.

Google has announced a significant change to its search results ranking system. Shockingly, people aren't too happy with Google's current approach towards providing users with a faster mobile web.

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