Statue of Liberty to reopen; other parks, monuments closed

Posted January 23, 2018

NY will spend $65,000 a day to keep open the Statue of Liberty amid a federal shutdown in Washington.

"States can really do nothing to change the fact that federal employees aren't receiving paychecks, and that will certainly be the biggest impact on the economy", said Constantine Yannelis, a finance professor at New York University.

That effort has taken shape in different forms at a variety of parks, with the Statue of Liberty closed over the weekend in NY, but the Grand Canyon still open to the public.

In New York, the National Park Service said the closure of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island was effective immediately and until further notice. The concept of closing the doors to immigrants is repugnant to the concept of America.

Eager tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty in NY this weekend were left disappointed when the national landmark became one of several federally run sites and buildings closed due to the government shutdown.

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On a whole, "essential services" will continue, and essential workers will remain on the job, albeit without pay.

Most landmarks, such as Independence Hall, which houses the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, will be closed.

Yet congressional Republicans and Democrats appeared no closer Saturday to settling their differences over immigration policy and striking an agreement to fund the government.

Last seen for 16 days in October 2013, a government shutdown largely impacts government employees, agencies and federally controlled buildings and sites. In 2013, about 800,000 of the 2.1 million civilian federal employees were furloughed in 2013, according to The Washington Post.

An extended government shutdown would cost the USA economy $6.5 billion every week it lasts, according to an estimate from Standard & Poor's in December. Nearly half the 2 million civilian federal workers will be barred from doing their jobs if the shutdown extends into Monday. "When they try to deport immigrants, when they close down the Statue of Liberty, they are attacking who we are".

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"It's going to be open and running as normal", Cuomo said at a press conference in a lower Manhattan park overlooking the statue.

The memorial and other open-air parks were open Saturday unlike in 2013 when they became a flashpoint in the government shutdown, as veterans were denied the right to visit and protested loudly. "But now, we're not allowed to go out there and see it".

"Huh", she asked when told about the shutdown, "I had no idea that it'd be closed".

It is among the hundreds of parks, battlefields, recreation areas and monuments managed by the National Park Service.

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