Cape town Water Crisis : Water water everywhere, but no water to drink?

Posted January 26, 2018

Reports indicating this is the worst drought to have hit South Africa's number two city claim that Cape Town's almost four million inhabitants will no longer have access to piped water if consumption is not reduced.

Levels of usable water in the dams surrounding Cape Town have been dropping by 1.4 per cent a day, and now stand at around 17.2 per cent.

"Day zero" has been moved up nine days from April 22 to April 12.

Still, the severe drought impacting Cape Town residents now is not an anomaly, as experts believe this is the city's new normal.

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Cape Town told residents last week they would need to cut their daily water consumption by nearly half from next month as authorities scramble to prevent the city running out of water.

Trial water collection sites have already been set up, and in a further possible sign of things to come, people have been lining up with jerry cans at AB-Inbev's Newlands brewery to get up to 25 litres of free water from a mountain stream on its property.

From February 1, residents will only be allowed to use 50 liters, or a little over 13 gallons, of water per person, per day and this isn't going to be an easy transition. Despite our urging for months, 60 percent of Capetonians are callously using more than 87 liters per day, " de Lille said last week, reported.

According to The Guardian, Elliott's restaurant Cape to Cuba stopped serving tap water and is asking customers to only flush solids while using the restrooms.

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"The city is installing thousands of water management devices on the properties of high users and ensuring that we better our record low overall water loss percentage of 16% as compared to the national average of 36%", Neilson said.

South African Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona added: "We are pleased that we have not received any reports of any tourism attractions and services interrupted by the water shortage and we appeal to tourists, and tourism businesses to continue being good responsible tourism citizens and continue being water-wise, even as the peak holiday season in South Africa winds down".

She said they were attempting to "create scapegoats and shift the blame on the seriousness of the water crisis".

Western Cape police management has presented a security plan once day zero arrives for Cape Town.

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