In step to nationwide stage, a younger Kennedy to rebut Trump tackle

Posted January 28, 2018

He is also expected to call for immigration reform and a $1 trillion infrastructure package. When Trump gives the speech in front of a joint session of Congress on January 30 he will see the female Democrats attending the speech, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D-Calif.), dressed in black to show solidarity with the "Me Too" movement which gives voice to those who have been sexually harassed or assaulted. "It's clear from his tax giveaways to the wealthy and subsequent 13-million-dollar takeaway from healthcare to his failure to protect the vote and civil rights, that this President's agenda represents nothing but pain and suffering for communities of color, the poor, women and immigrants". The Oklahoma congressman would be the first elected official to lead NASA, if confirmed. The senior administration official declined to say whether that would be included in the president's address.

The major party in opposition traditionally broadcasts a rebuttal speech following the US president's annual state of the union address, which is delivered to a joint session of Congress and sums up achievements and goals.

The infrastructure plan will be part of Trump's speech that seeks bipartisan cooperation, the official said, adding that "to Congress the tone will be one of bipartisanship and it will be very forward looking". "From conventions to inaugurations to presidential addresses, YouTube has brought you some of the biggest political moments in recent U.S. History", reads a blog post from the video site. But the plans will fall short of some of his ambitious goals.

Facebook is decieving: George Soros
However, he predicts that the Trump administration is a "temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner". Soros also denounced President Donald Trump , who he accused of trying to establish a "mafia state".

Democrats had refused to sign a short-term bill to fund the government last Friday because a deal on preserving DACA couldn't be reached with Republicans. "I refuse to accept that as the new normal".

Republican Judd Gregg, a former New Hampshire governor and senator, counseled that Trump should tamp down his tendencies to personalize every issue, and look outward instead: "Optimism is the key word - optimism that isn't self-congratulatory, hopefully".

The larger question is whether Trump can expand his appeal beyond his ardent base of supporters and reach the majority of Americans who are responsible for his historically poor job-approval ratings. "The president hasn't sold out his voters yet".

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Associated Press White House reporter provides insight.

Trump vowed last September to protect the Dreamers after his administration announced the program will end in March.

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