Apple confirms USA agencies are looking into iPhone slowdown

Posted February 02, 2018

Apple is facing yet another investigation into its performance throttling of older iPhones, this time coming from the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to a Bloomberg report, the U.S. government has put in a request for information from the tech behemoth and the inquiry is in the early stages. Apple failed to disclose this piece of information when the update was initially launched, and only announced it in December 2017.

When reached by ZDNet, the SEC and DOJ both declined to comment.

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A spokeswoman from Apple told Bloomberg that it's working on responding to the probe: "We have received questions from some government agencies and we are responding to them".

Meanwhile, the company said that its battery replacement programme at a discounted cost will be available from late January through December 2018. But it looks like the Cupertino-based tech firm is adopting the macOS update strategy as it is said to skip some new features in the upcoming "iOS 12" and focus exclusively on making it more stable release.

Lawsuits against Apple claim the company tried to trick consumers into thinking their phones were close to the end of their life cycle so they'd be forced to buy new ones or pay up to $80 for a replacement battery. In the meantime, Apple plans to fix performance and quality issues plaguing its mobile operating system.

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In recent weeks, Apple confirmed that it slowed some older iPhone models as a way to avoid issues resulting from older lithium-ion batteries. However, Apple doesn't recommend doing so since it can cause unexpected shutdowns. "We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down".

Consumers responded angrily past year when reports revealed that Apple deliberately was slowing older generations of iPhone through its periodic updates to the phone's software. "The iPhone X, which went on sale in November, comes in $999 and $1,149 configurations, at least $150 more than any iPhone starting price that came before it". It's a theory aggravated in part by Apple's ongoing tendency to glue phones together and otherwise make them hard to fix at home, although Apple fans counter that the company's taste for closed architecture has made their products hard to get into and repair for decades.

This wasn't handled right by Apple and now Cook is attempting to pass the buck by basically saying that it was their lazy ignorant customers who didn't pay attention to the details of an update.

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