Star-Struck Girl in Viral Beyonce Photograph Speaks Out

Posted February 03, 2018

"I think she posted it for me", said Monaghan.

The grandmother, who has been named as Susan Monaghan described Jay-Z as "really good-looking" and felt that she had been 'hugged by an angel'. Well, The Boston Globe tracked her down and got the deets on the encounter. "No one is going to believe me.'" Beyonce might have heard her because according to Susan, she turned and flashed her a smile that seemed to say "Don't worry, it's going to be OK".

A MA resident who was visiting New York City for the weekend has gone viral after a photo showing her star-struck expression was posted to Beyonce's Instagram page.

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"I think she posted it for me", Monaghan told The Boston Globe.

Monaghan explained that she was in NY with her family last weekend for a birthday party for her daughter and to attend her granddaughter's gymnastics competition.

Monaghan was in the city to support her granddaughter at a gymnastics competition. 'I was like 'Oh, my God! 'And she's like, "I told you I met them!"' In a wonderful coincidence, she happened to book the same hotel that many Grammy musicians were staying at for the ceremony - the Sheraton New York Times Square - and she encountered Beyoncé and Jay-Z while briefly returning to her room to freshen up. "So people would believe me".

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Stunned, Monaghan couldn't help but vocalize her thoughts in stating that she was certain no one would believe her story.

When Bey first posted the picture fans could do nothing but love this pic, with one saying: 'Deeply, spiritually connected to this photo of a woman gaping in awe at the sight of beyonce'.

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