Lauri Love: Hacking suspect awaits extradition appeal decision

Posted February 08, 2018

Love has neither confirmed nor denied his involvement in the hacks - U.S. authorities, however, believe he was instrumental.

Love, who was charged in New Jersey, New York and Virginia, allegedly hacked into the networks of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, and other government computers between 2012 and 2013.

Those reasons included the "high risk" Mr Love, who suffers from Asperger syndrome, would kill himself.

He has also been diagnosed with a depressive illness. In fact, the UK High Court has heard that there was a severe risk Lauri Love would attempt suicide before he was extradited.

The lord chief justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, and Mr. Justice Ouseley handed down their judgment at the Royal Courts of Justice on 5 February.

"The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) must now bend its endeavours to his prosecution, with the assistance to be expected from the authorities in the United States, recognising the gravity of the allegations in this case", they wrote.

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Alleged computer hacker Lauri Love has won his appeal against extradition, but now faces prosecution in the UK. He is released on bail.

Supporters argued that the systems infiltrated in #OpLastResort had publicly known vulnerabilities and that rather than doing "real harm", the bulk of costs were incurred by bringing protections up "up to the standard of security that they should have been in the first place".

In response, Love's barrister, Edward Fitzgerald QC of Doughty Street Chambers, argued that Love's connections to the United Kingdom - which is one of the seven forum bar tests for judges to consider - should mean he ought not to be sent to America.

Love's 2013 United States indictment alleges, based on chat logs, that he said that he'd acquired "basically every piece of information you'd need to do full identity theft on any employee or contractor", and that "you have no idea how much we can f**k with the USA government if we wanted to,"...

20 August 2015: Mr Love tells the he fears he will in the US.

A Westminster magistrate approved his extradition in September 2016, but Love appealed against it after home secretary Amber Rudd subsequently ordered his extradition last November.

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The appeal judges opposed his extradition on the grounds that it would be "oppressive by reason of his physical and mental condition", the BBC reported.

29 November 2017: The Court of Appeal.

Love and others in the court room met the decision with cheers, according to ABC News.

A spokesman for Mr Love's solicitors, Kaim Todner, said it was "important" the British justice system "has taken the stance that we should deal with the matter ourselves, rather than accept the U.S. government's demands".

That issue, of course, is whether the extradition and USA court process would have a serious impact on his physical and mental health.

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