Neil deGrasse Tyson asks Stephen Hawking: What happened before the Big Bang?

Posted March 07, 2018

"In order terms, the Euclidian space-time is a closed surface without end, like the surface of the Earth".

For Hawking, however, imaginary time "behaves like a fourth direction of space".

To visualise this, imagine a horizontal line with past running to the left and future to the right.

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Astrophysicist Hugh Ross of the Christian apologetics group Reasons to Believe has taken issue with the claim of notable British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking that nothing existed before the Big Bang.

Inside this speck, the laws of physics and time as we know them cease to function, and time as we understand it did not exist. The ordinary real time as we know now shrinks infinitely as the universe becomes ever smaller but never reaches a definable starting point. When Neil DeGrasse Tyson asked Hawking his opinion on this matter, Hawking simple stated, "Nothing was around there before the Big Bang". Some of the most strident opposition to this theory comes not from other scientists but from theologists and lay-believers who pose the question (not necessarily in as many words): "If there was something that exploded during the Big Bang, where did that something come from?" "I guess time has passed a certain pace, only to discover that this is only my idea", says Hawking. As per Hawking, a Euclidean approach can only describe the beginning of the universe. Since there is no concrete evidence about what was around "nothing" where nothing is actually something that was there before the Big Bang.

He also talked about the concept of no boundary condition to elaborate more clearly about his opinion on the origin of the universe.

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Professor Hawking then explains that the best way to picture this reality is by thinking of imaginary time and real time beginning at our Earth's South Pole. "There was nothing around the Big explosion", he said. Instead, time and space extend from this singular point in time, like the degrees of latitude on the planet Earth.

According to Hawking, before the Big Bang, the universe was shrunk and condensed to an incredibly dense ball of heat and energy the size of a single atom.

In order to comprehend the Big Bang, scientists created various mathematical models and formulas as the instruments scientists use today are incapable of looking back to the origin of the universe. Moving further, he also dictated how time was distorted during the period of singularity where it was reaching closer to "nothing" but never become it.

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