Political expert weighs in on Nashville mayor's scandal

Posted March 08, 2018

Both she and Forrest have been sentenced to three years' probation.

District Attorney General Glenn Funk said if the case had gone to trial, witnesses would have testified that no less than $60,000 Nashville city funds were used unlawfully in the case.

On trips to San Francisco, Kansas City and Athens, Greece, Barry admitted to staying extra days, accompanied by Forrest, beyond the time she needed to attend conferences, tours or other official reasons for the travel.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had been investigating Barry's relationship with Forrest since the married mayor confirmed this year the two had an affair in 2016.

The affidavit also said the TBI has found 260 deleted chats between Forrest's phone and Barry's phone number as well as 35 deleted call logs. She formally stepped down during a press conference on Tuesday morning. Among the business trips she took with her lover was one to Kansas City last summer.

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The Democratic Barry is the city's first mayor in almost a century to leave office before the end of their term.

Vice Mayor David Briley, a fellow Democrat, said his vehicle wouldn't work Tuesday morning, so he chose to take the bus. Records show the couple separated the day following Barry's admission of the affair.

The first female mayor of America's country music capital resigned from office Tuesday after pleading guilty to a criminal charge in connection with a long-running affair with her bodyguard.

A former at-large councilwoman elected in September 2015, Barry was a favorite among liberals, whose popularity only expanded after taking office.

Barry stunned the city in late January when she confessed to the extramarital relationship, which began in spring 2016 and continued as her popularity and accomplishments grew.

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The mayor of Nashville resigned after a sex scandal. FORREST, a 31-year department vet, announced his retirement on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31st, the same day BARRY revealed their affair.

According to The Tennessean, the two were often partaking in domestic and global travel for work, which led Forrest to rack up $33,000 in expenses and $50,000 plus in overtime in 2017 on top of his $84,500 salary.

Barry's reputation as a local progressive stems in part from the company she keeps.

Metro Nashville Police Rob Forrest and Megan Barry in their mugshots.

She also tweeted out a similar sentiment, which links to another statement, also echoing the same feelings.

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