Taylor Swift dramatically rips off dress in controversial new music video

Posted March 13, 2018

Furthermore, there's a point at the beginning of the "Delicate" video when Taylor is handed a note from a mysterious person. Joseph Kahn reunites with Swift as her director in this sad but hopeful music video. She removes part of her dress and starts dancing. However, while Swift becomes invisible in her video, Qualley gains the power of flight, and the ability to shoot destructive lasers from her hands.

"To the fans, for everything that you have done and always do and continue to do, you're the best".

Swift has a more care free attitude nowadays and this shows in both the lyrics of her songs as well as the scenes featured in her music videos. And unlike her previous relationships, Swift has kept her current one with actor Joe Alwyn out of the spotlight. So Swift pulls silly faces in a mirror, entertaining herself - until the note sparkles, and her reflection disappears. She dances onto a street in a downpour, as if she's reenacting Singin' in the Rain - and she's never looked happier.

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Swift released the video during the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

The 28-year-old showed off her athletic poise as she slide down the bonnet of a vehicle into the splits in the pouring rain.

But like many songs on "Reputation" discuss, the version of her portrayed by the media usually isn't the real Taylor.

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Finally, Swift arrives to a bar, soaking wet, only to realize everybody can see her again. I can not wait to see you on tour. But it's clear no matter what Taylor puts out, fans will be there to read into how it represents her life.

By opting out - of the fame game, interviews, paparazzi chase downs and more - she, like Beyoncé and others, are remaking what it means to be an A-lister in 2018.

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