Waymo Says Its Driverless Technology Is Safe

Posted March 28, 2018

Some 20,000 new self-driving I-Paces will be added to Waymo's ride-sharing fleet, allowing the company to ramp up to 1 million trips per day over the next two years.

Waymo is teaming up with Jaguar to boost the luxury factor of its driverless ride-hailing service. The company has plans to roll out a ride service to the public in the Phoenix area in the coming months, with plans to later launch it more widely.

"The alliance with Jaguar will give Waymo a way to appeal to passengers who want to ride in a more luxurious auto or want to avoid the pollution caused by vehicles fueled by gasoline", A.P. reports.

Waymo is competing with rivals General Motors Co. and Uber Technologies Inc.to deploy such vehicles for the masses.

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More broadly, Waymo's automotive partnerships help to support the Google subsidiary's autonomous driving ambitions as rivals Tesla and Uber race to put self-driving cars on the road. Waymo so far has relied on these little toy cars.

In its previous tests, Waymo used Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans outfitted with sensors.

Elgrot looks like he can handle a real vehicle in real life too, though, and he seems to really like the way the I-Pace accelerates and changes direction. In addition, Waymo filed a lawsuit against Uber a year ago over the theft of trade secrets related to self-driving technology.

This morning at Chelsea Piers in NYC, Waymo CEO John Krafcik announced a new model of vehicle powered by Waymo's self-driving technology. "While the technology will be Waymo's, the image will be largely Jaguar".

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Waymo has pledged to buy up to 20,000 I-Pace SUVs by 2022, a substantial number considering Jaguar Land Rover globally sold 621,109 vehicles previous year.

In a safety report, Waymo details the procedures behind each of its different tests for its technology.

What's more, this is a pretty significant order-Waymo CEO John Krafcik said that up to 20,000 self-driving I-Paces will be built in the first two years.

The news comes after Uber's self-driving program was shut down by Arizona Gov Doug Ducey after one of Uber's autonomous Volvos struck and killed a pedestrian while operating in autonomous mode.

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It has been testing fully autonomous vehicles, requiring no human driver, in Arizona since 2017. Waymo even boasts that it is the only company that has vehicles on the road with no occupants in the front seats. He said the company plans a "gradual" safe approach to self-driving vehicles. "That's the world we're building".