CDC: Second wave of flu virus happening now

Posted March 29, 2018

A weekly surveillance report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention noted that while the number of reported cases of Influenza A had declined, the number of Influenza B incidents were up.

Since October, 26,694 people have been hospitalized with flu-related symptoms, with almost 78 percent of those hospitalizations related to the influenza A virus, according to the CDC.

The other states were Arizona, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming. "The one thing we need to remember this year is that with flu B because we are seeing more and more cases most of the young patients and young kids they can actually get a lot of complications with flu B virus", she explains.

Parents should be on high alert, as CDC officials say the "B" virus could be more severe for younger children.

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"Based on what we've seen from previous seasons, the second wave of activity, which is usually with influenza B, is not very long or not very intense", Nordlund said. "Flu season can continue until April or May each year and we are seeing a few cases of influenza B in our community, so it's important to know it's still not too late to get your flu shot".

Taking antiviral drugs when prescribed. Still, for the week, 4,759 specimens tested positive for flu, bringing the season's total to 246,766 positive specimens.

First, it was Influenza A. Now, the CDC is warning about Influenza B.

"There's no crystal ball to say how many more cases we're gonna have or when this is gonna end", Zgodzinski said.

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Still, the overall are numbers are not what they were at the flu season's peak around Christmas time or a little after.

This is because people can get sick from both types of influenza during one season.

Unfortunately, if you've already had the flu this season, you're not necessarily out of the woods.

As of its latest update, the CDC reports that flu-related child deaths are up to 133 for the 2017-2018 flu season. For the year, six of the flu-related deaths have involved children.

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Doctor say the best method of defense against the flue is practicing good hygiene and getting the flu shot as chances of severity and the length of the flu sticking around decrease with the shot.