Facebook Sued For Collecting Data On User Faces

Posted April 18, 2018

There are several ways of collecting data including when a user presses the like button on a third party website, signs in to an app using Facebook and Facebook ads and measurement tools that enable third party apps and sites to show ads from Facebook's advertisers.

For instance, if you see "Like" and "Share" buttons on an app or site, that also gives Facebook information about you.

Facebook released a blog post today detailing its practices and answering how it gathers information from its users around the web.

Those willing and able to pay are probably richer than the average user, so luxury businesses pay more to advertise to them, and probably spend more time browsing Facebook than the average user, so they see more of those ads.
To make login processes simpler, some websites allow users to log in to their platform using their Facebook credentials.

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Based on the users' IP address/ operating system, Facebook then displays the Like button on an individual's browser based on their identified language.

Facebook still tracks you even if you're logged out of the social network.

Facebook product management director pointed fingers at popular services like Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accusing them of supplying data to third parties.

Google has a proprietary analytics service and companies like Amazon, Twitter and Google also offer login features. These companies - and many others - also offer advertising services.

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A website typically sends two things back to your browser: first, content from that site; and second, instructions for the browser to send your request to the other companies providing content or services on the site.

Communications, Information Technology and Energy Samuel Basil yesterday directed his ICT line agencies to research and advise him on appropriate course of action to "protect privacy of the many Facebook users" in Papua New Guinea.

The researchers labeled suspicious ad-buyers as groups with pages that have been inactive, inaccessible, removed or banned by Facebook since the election and there was no information available publicly about them.

The European Union's digital chief will meet with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in San Francisco as the world's largest social network faces increasing scrutiny over its use of personal data.

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The government is "examining" the responses furnished by Facebook, and its vendor Cambridge Analytica, over the data breach issue, even as it keeps a close watch on global developments, especially in the USA and United Kingdom, a senior official of the IT Ministry said on Tuesday.