'Westworld' Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: Let the Game Begin

Posted April 24, 2018

The statute of spoiler limitations has passed on the first season, so to briefly recap: In a distant future, a Western-themed adult playland, Westworld, scrambles to recover from a park-wide cerebral meltdown in its population of "hosts" - extremely lifelike robots who play cowboys, gunslingers, damsels, Jezebels, Indians, infantrymen, banditos, etc, all of whom are now responding to a tweak in their programming, turning en masse against one another and big-paying human guests.

Things are a little different in the park this time around.

Titled "Reunion", the second episode of Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, April 29 and is simply described as follows: "Why don't we start at the beginning?". It was action-packed and raised a lot of interesting questions. In a bout of confusion, Bernard claims to have killed them. The show touched on these themes previous year, but now that the android hosts can fight back, the questions are far thornier. // Charlotte, Bernard head to the super-secret hub.

There are more timelines than we know what to do with. The episode kicks off in classic Westworld style, with glimpses of times and places and characters. Not that that will stop us from trying. Bernard wakes up on a beach to find Stubbs and armed Delos members killing hosts, even the non-hostile ones. They look back at the host's recorded memories and discover Dolores is leading the revolt. We flash back to humanity's worst nightmare, the massacre at the end of season one where Dolores and her fellow hosts turn a gala night into bloody carnage. Bernard doesn't look great, there's ringing in his ears and white liquid leaking out of them.

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The episode opens with a flashback of Dolores and Bernard having a conversation about dreams and reality. While trying to find him, Bernard nearly blacks out.

Dolores has wasted no time in taking leadership of her revolution, with Wyatt's soldiers (including Angela) and Teddy at her back as she terrorizes and murders any humans (and some hosts) she finds.

Day A+11 days, 9 hours: (based on scalped host's recording) Delos group find and watches the footage of the host death. She asks them, in an echo of the techs from Season 1, "Do you know where you are?" "And I have one last role to play". He is clearly uncomfortable with his love's reign of terror. And no host has even proven it can walk that path like Bernard.

"I've evolved into something new", Dolores tells terrified human guests she has noosed at a hanging tree.

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Ed Harris as William, aka the Man in Black, on "Westworld". MIB emerges from the wreckage of Westworld's Escalante site and is overjoyed to discover what he always wanted: The stakes are real and the guests can die.

William's backstory, and that of his father-in-law, James Delos (Peter Mullan), the namesake of the corporation that owns the park, is easily season two's most intriguing element, promising more details of how Westworld was created and funded, and what its true intent may be. The boy creepily tells him, "You're in my game. Congratulations, William. This game is meant for you". Lee tries convincing Maeve her daughter is not real, but she threatens him.

Maeve goes to find Hector and together they plan to find her daughter. // Maeve and Lee team up with Hector. Dolores states they need to take not only Westworld, but the real world as well.

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