Trump could turn a subpoena to his advantage

Posted May 03, 2018

Amid a week full of Russian Federation investigation bombshells that includes the revelation of Mueller's Trump interview question wish list and news the special counsel at least once threatened to subpoena the president, Panetta said the revolving door of lawyers won't stop the face-to-face meeting that's sure to come.

She said later that Flood would be joining the White House staff to "represent the president and the administration against the Russian Federation witch hunt". In addition to helping to represent Clinton, Flood assisted former President George W. Bush with a series of congressional inquiries, including the investigation into his firing of seven US attorneys.

Dowd left the president's legal team about two weeks after the meeting.

"This isn't some game", John Dowd, Trump's then lead lawyer for the Russian Federation probe, had said angrily, according to The Washington Post, which first reported the move.

But Trump's lawyers are preparing for it and have put together a list of 49 questions, as reported earlier, that they believe Mueller's team could ask, gleaned from conversations with them.

Mueller issued the warning during a meeting with Trump's attorneys on March 5, as four people with knowledge of the meeting revealed to the capital daily on condition of anonymity.

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"But [Rosenstein] also, according to published reports, committed to congressional Democrats that Mueller would have carte blanche to take the investigation wherever Mueller decided the facts went", McCarthy said.

All these matters continue to motivate many in Congress, Schiff included, to call for-in addition to a special counsel-an independent prosecutor not beholden to any government department and who can't be fired by the White House.

Trump also questioned Mueller's right to even question the president about certain personnel decisions, including the decision a year ago to fire then-FBI Director James Comey. Trump initially said he was eager to be interviewed, but his perspective on Mueller soured a raid last month targeting his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in a separate investigation. It's nearly a certainty that at some point, if in fact his lawyers allow him to answer the questions, Trump will flap his trap, go off script, contradict himself and open the portal to incrimination.

However, the strongest defense for Trump against any allegations of obstruction is that no investigations have been obstructed.

Later, Caputo worked in the press shop of Trump's short-lived 1988 presidential campaign that was spearheaded, in part, by Stone, and the two reunited in 2015, during the nascent days of Trump's presidential run.

McCarthy said it's also clear to him that Mueller still hasn't found a crime, based on the questions Mueller reportedly passed along to Trump.

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One question asks whether there were any efforts to reach out to Flynn "about seeking immunity or possible pardon" ahead of his guilty plea previous year. Dowd was among those who had urged him not to.

If Trump were to answer "no" and Gates told the grand jury that Trump did know of this, Mueller could claim Trump lied and ask the same grand jury to indict Trump for that. As well, the person being interviewed can not possibly know as much about the case as the team doing the interview, and he will be prone to error.

If Trump allows himself to be questioned, "he is walking into a classic "perjury trap" that will likely end his presidency", wrote Andrew Stoltmann, an attorney and CNBC contributor.

Moreover, "they are about very specific acts and statements by Trump, and in many cases he has already spoken about them", Whiting said.

He says: "What are they afraid of?" "A president who actually cares about the institution of the presidency, I think, would voluntarily cooperate because he would recognize that the fight in court is going to generate precedent that could be potentially adverse to future presidents down the line", said Katyal. "Why such unequal 'justice?'" Trump tweeted Wednesday.

Although Trump didn't specify how he will "get involved" in the process, he could do so in a variety of ways under the Constitution, including firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and ordering declassification of the documents and turning them over to Congress.

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"You'd have to go through hoops at the Justice Department for permission to serve (a subpoena to), say, a journalist", he explained in an interview with WND and Radio America.