U.S. backs Israeli claims in Iran nuclear row

Posted May 04, 2018

The source familiar with the debate said US negotiators are hamstrung by the fact that they do not really know where Trump's "red line" is and so they can not tell the Europeans what would secure Trump's blessing.

Netanyahu made the charges days after Emmanuel Macron, the French president, and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, made separate visits to Washington to implore Trump to adhere to the deal negotiated with Iran by Russia, China, Britain, the US, France and Germany.

President Trump has repeatedly expressed his own concerns about the Iran deal.

Official Berlin has urged trump to save the current agreement with Iran, and UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres said that there was a risk of war if the worldwide agreement will not be saved.

Guterres told the BBC that the Iran agreement was an "important diplomatic victory" and should be maintained. We told you about a recent Iranian ballistic missile test - violating worldwide law - where the side of the weapon proclaimed: "Israel must be destroyed".

Meanwhile, European allies France, the United Kingdom and Germany have agreed that pursuing the current nuclear deal with Iran is the best way to stop it developing nuclear weapons.

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After a week rife with fresh revelations about Iran's nuclear program, a poll in Yisrael Hayom Friday shows that almost 60 percent of Israelis fully approve of the way Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is handling the Iranian threat.

Iran stated it had no intention of building a nuclear arsenal.

Channel Two noted that according to the nuclear deal with Iran, the Fordo facility's centrifuges must be shut down, it must cease enriching uranium, and its number of centrifuges has to be lowered from 20,000 to 6,000.

As well as containing numerous flaws, also as serious are the omissions to the deal.

Russian Federation could prevent the Middle East from plunging into a massive conflict between Israel and Iran triggered by "a game of chicken that could easily spiral out of control", a leading regional crisis expert warned.

Arguing that the nuclear deal had not permanently denied Iran bomb-making capabilities, Lieberman invoked World War Two. Iran's belligerence in the region - its meddling overseas, in particular in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, was not addressed.

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As Iran's all-powerful leader, Khamenei has the final word on all policy matters, foreign and domestic, including on the nuclear deal.

Zarif also trolled US President Donald Trump, who is set to sever ties with Iraq by pulling out of the nuclear deal later this month.

On Thursday, may 3, reports The Times of Israel.

The foreign minister went on to accuse Trump of having "consistently violated the nuclear deal, particularly by bullying others to prevent businesses from returning to Iran".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has questioned the legitimacy of efforts by the U.S. and France to change the nuclear deal with his country. Without the Iran nuclear deal, Iran would never accept such rigid observations on its nuclear sites.

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