Merkel: Europe no longer relies on the United States

Posted May 11, 2018

"Europe needs to take his own destiny into their own hands, and this is our task for the future", said Merkel. "Let us not be weak", added the French president.

A senior White House official said earlier on Tuesday that Trump planned to discuss his decision on the Iran deal in a phone call with Macron. This renewal of U.S. sanctions will potentially have an immediate impact on all countries purchasing oil from Iran, and particularly on countries with financial institutions that have transactions with Iranian banks, since they will be cut off from doing business with the American economy.

But the advisers can hardly deny that after a year in which the French president's big European plans met with German inertia, the prize-giving ceremony will serve as a welcome escape from the dispiriting reality Macron has encountered since taking office a year ago.

The European Union needed to integrate more closely in the face of outside threats and resurgent nationalism within its borders.

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Iran does not want "new tensions" in the Middle East, the Islamic Republic's president Hassan Rouhani said Thursday in a telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, his first remarks following a reported Iranian missile attack on Israel and a devastating IDF response.

The BGA called on the U.S. authorities to make public as soon as possible information on how to deal with the new situation, so that companies can act appropriately.

However, the survey, published by public broadcaster ARD, also shows that a majority of Germans reject the French president's plans for deepening European Union economic and financial cooperation, proposals many German politicians also oppose.

Mr Trump has previously criticised North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies in Europe for spending too little on defence.

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Trump's national security advisor John Bolton said European firms doing business in Iran now have a six-month deadline to wind up investments or risk American sanctions.

Discussions on the eurozone are "difficult" between France and Germany, acknowledged Merkel, who was hamstrung for half a year after inconclusive elections in September left her struggling to find coalition partners.

Macron called for strengning of common foreign and Defence Policy, despite Berlin's historic reticence in se matters.

He also took aim at the Germans over their reluctance to spend, as well as their wariness of any plan that potentially draw resources from richer countries to help out struggling ones.

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"In Germany there can not be a perpetual fetish for budget and trade surpluses, because they are always made at the expense of certain others", Macron said, adding that a north-south divide between wealthy and poorer nations that emerged during the financial crisis should not be allowed to resurface. Rather, Berlin has vowed to keep its budget balanced.