Your favorite websites are going red to save net neturality

Posted May 11, 2018

Why now? Senators, a lot of them Democrats, are pushing for a vote to overturn the FCC's repeal of net neutrality rules. This openness online has been possible because our net neutrality rules prevented internet service providers from discriminating against certain people, content, platforms, and websites by charging more for equal access.

As the nation waits for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to announce when new internet guidelines will go into place following the elimination of Obama-era net neutrality protections, members of the Senate are planning to take action against the decision. Today, Senator Ed Markey officially filed a petition that will force a vote in the Senate. Advocates believe the Senate will vote before the end of next week, Reuters reports. The audio is below.

The senators who have signed on to the effort are saying they need just one more vote to pass the resolution, but they already have 50 committed voters.

Despite the cries of Chicken Little liberals, there's no evidence that the internet sky is falling following the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) vote to roll back Obama administration rules.

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Minnesotans in rural communities across our state are at risk of losing their access to a free and open internet.

Acting New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, a Democrat, said "the repeal of net neutrality would allow internet service providers to put their profits before the consumers they serve and control what we see, do, and say online".

Several websites started a "red alert" campaign in support of the effort.

CT advocates and lawmakers of net neutrality were disappointed when two bills failed to pass earlier this year. "Even if Trump vetoes it, it will set a tone for any future congressional fights to come and beat back attempts by ISPs to push watered down legislation that undermines net neutrality while claiming to save it".

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Internet protocol traffic in the United States is expected to reach 48,272 petabytes per month this year, an increase from 39,344 petabytes in 2017, according to a recent study of market trends released by U.S. Telecom: The Broadband Association. He wrote that the net neutrality rules "created a barrier to the investment and innovation we need to grow our economy and close the digital divide between rural towns and bigger cities". As Gizmodo reported late previous year, "Notably, this effort to push a resolution of disapproval is separate from those seeking a permanent legislative solution to enshrine net neutrality protections under federal law".

Trump has been largely mum on net neutrality, only calling it by name in a single tweet from 2014 when he compared it to a "fairness doctrine".

Public Knowledge opposes Chairman Pai's deeply troubling break with nearly 20 years of bipartisan FCC support for the Open Internet, and is also suing the FCC.

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