Tammie Jo Shults Used Hand Signals To Communicate During Southwest Emergency Landing

Posted May 12, 2018

The full 20/20 interview will air at 10 p.m. tonight on 6ABC. "I don't remember anything other than starting to think through what the plan is.

And it worked well", Shults said.

"As long as you have altitude and ideas, you're OK", Shults, who was among the first women to fly fighter jets for the Navy three decades ago, said in the interview.

"Dean, function as awesome husband he is, stated, 'Now you goto the trail match, I'll swap and take your adventure".

In her first interview since then, sitting alongside co-pilot Darren Ellisor in a clip for Friday's 20/20 exclusive interview on ABC, she recounted the harrowing experience that took place on April 17 during the flight from New York City to Dallas, People magazine reported. "And so that's why I was on the trip".

"I'm not trading with him anymore", Shults said.

Shults and Eillisor told ABC the flight's takeoff was uneventful.

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The Southwest plane landed in Philadelphia at 11.23am on Runway 27L - about 20 minutes after the engine explosion.

"We had a large bang and a rapid decompression". "The plane yawed and banked to the left just a little over 40 levels and we had a really extreme vibration from the No. 1 engine". And it was very disorienting to have all these things happen at once.

I mean, because it's not something that we've ever had happen before, and you know, nearly certainly won't happen again because the chances are just too astronomical. While they each had training they could rely on, the amount of noise that followed the engine failure made communication hard.

We had to use hand signals, because it was loud, and it was just hard to communicate for a lot of different reasons.

Shults and Ellisor had split piloting duties throughout the flight.

Shults and Ellisor diverted the airplane towards Philadelphia to make an emergency touchdown.

The two said they were never anxious that the plane would land any other way but safely. "And we had both", Shults said with a laugh.

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"Tammie Jo, she did a fantastic job, considering the condition of the aircraft and the situation it was".

After they landed safely, Mrs Shults walked through the aircraft, talking to all the passengers and staff to make sure they were alright.

Despite the harrowing circumstances, the pilots said they were never anxious.

Shults said she texted her family, including her 18-year-old son Marshall, who has his private pilot license. She safely landed the plane in Philadelphia.

One passenger died on the flight and seven were injured.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident, with early attention focusing on a fan blade that broke off. Investigators say the blade showed signs of microscopic cracks caused by wear and tear.

Tammie Jo Shults and Darren Ellisor say everything seemed normal when they took off from NY on April 17.

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Many passengers feared that the plane would crash.