Pompeo hopeful N. Korea talks will take place

Posted May 24, 2018

North Korea announced recently it would demolish the Punggye-ri site as a goodwill gesture ahead of the planned June 12 summit between leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump.

But the USA can not protect Kim from threats inside North Korea. "But we're talking right now".

Less than two weeks ago, American negotiators were stood up by North Korean officials at a meeting meant to discuss arrangements for the summit, according to the Post. Trump told reporters Wednesday that "we will know next week about Singapore".

But both sides have expressed doubts as the summit, scheduled for next month in Singapore, draws closer, Mr Trump yesterday said there was a "very substantial chance" the meeting would not happen.

"That decision will ultimately be up to Chairman Kim", he said.

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Talks between the Koreas will likely resume after Friday, once Max Thunder finishes, said Moon's media secretary, Yoon Young-chan.

The hearing was contentious at times, particularly when Democratic Representative Greg Meeks confronted Pompeo about his aggressive questioning of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton when he was a congressman during Republican-led hearings about the fatal 2012 attack on US diplomats in Benghazi.

Pompeo, who was director of the Central Intelligence Agency before becoming secretary of state in April when Trump fired Rex Tillerson, has met twice with Kim in Pyongyang.

"He made clear it was important to him that when that time came those objectives had been achieved, that he would receive economic help in the form of private sector businesses, knowledge, knowhow, from others perhaps, contributions, foreign assistance and the like, and he wanted security assurances from the world, the end of the status that sits between North and South Korea with the eventual goal of a peace treaty", Pompeo said. "We still look forward to the meeting between the USA and North Korean leaders proceeding smoothly and achieving positive results".

Pyongyang then accused US National Security Adviser John Bolton of making "reckless statements" for his suggestion that the North could follow a "Libya model" of denuclearisation.

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Mr Trump later denied the United States would follow the "Libyan model" if an agreement was reached with North Korea.

That was a reference to Libya's former leader, Muammar Gaddafi, who agreed to give up nuclear weapons in 2003 and was later killed by Western-backed rebels.

In the fullest account to date of the Pompeo-Kim talks, the secretary of state recounted the North Korean leader's demands.

Mr Trump accepted North Korea's invitation for direct talks after more than a year of heated rhetoric and with global concern that hostilities might escalate into military confrontation.

"There was no deal to keep Gadhafi", Trump said.

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