Shots Fired at Indiana Middle School, Two in Critical Condition

Posted May 26, 2018

After last week's Texas high school shooting, elected officials and survivors there have voiced support for gun rights.

Jowitt said the shooting in the city of 60,000, about 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis, was reported shortly after 9 a.m. The officer shot and wounded the suspect, who was arrested before anyone else could be injured.

"You never think they're going to happen in your hometown", is how Lt. Bruce Barnes, a public information officer with Noblesville Police Department, began his comments at the press conference. Police have not yet confirmed that account. The teacher yelled at the students to call 911 and run out of the building.

"A male student asked to be excused from his class".

Investigators also said they do not know yet if the shooter had any previous problems at school or run-ins with police. "If it weren't for him, more of us would have been injured for sure".

The teacher and a student were injured in the shooting.

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While it seems as though school shootings are happening more and more, it's factually true. All she said there was shooting at my kid's school. She says the message was "I'm OK, please come get me". The extent of injuries was not yet known. The identity and age of the shooter were not released.

Student Austin Duncan said in an interview with local broadcaster WTTV that occupants of his classroom barricaded a door and huddled together in a panic during the shooting incident while a teacher grabbed a baseball bat for protection. The school's academic year was scheduled to end next Friday.

"The speaker came on and said we were on lockdown and people rushed in and we went to the back of the room".

Indiana's Senate Democrats issued a statement in response to Friday's school shooting expressing their condolences to the victims and calling for steps to prevent such shootings, including restrictions on guns.

The student described his teacher's actions as heroic.

A male student opened fire at a middle school in suburban Indianapolis on Friday morning, the local authorities said, injuring another student and a teacher.

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Adding to the confusion was a threat reported at the high school as middle school students were being evacuated.

"Two victims have been taken to Methodist Hospital and family notification of the victims has been made", Patrol Officer Bryant Orem said in an email. She did not know their conditions.

He reportedly encouraged his class to run as he held down the suspect, who was taken into custody near Seaman's classroom.

According to officials, the shooting took place inside a science classroom. No further details were provided about the suspect or possible motive for the attack.

Noblesville Schools Supt. Dr. Beth Niedermeyer said she has visited the families of both victims.

Chad Lancaster, who has an eighth-grade daughter and sixth-grade son at the middle school, said he heard from his ex-wife in a phone call.

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