Teamsters Support Canada's Retaliatory Tariffs

Posted July 02, 2018

Unveiling the moves before a line of steelworkers at the Stelco Holdings Inc. plant in Hamilton on Friday, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said she was hopeful Canada's dollar-for-dollar response would not prompt further tariffs from the U.S.

The final retaliatory tariff list spells out more than 100 steel products that are being hit with a 25 per cent surtax including bars, rods, and flat-rolled products; 19 aluminum products including doors, nuts and bolts, and scouring pads; and over 70 other USA goods that will have a 10 per cent surtax placed on them.

When Canada's retaliatory tariffs were first announced, Bilous said he met with Alberta business leaders to hear their concerns.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chyrstia Freeland said Friday they had no other choice and will not escalate the dispute, but also will not back down.

"We will not escalate and we will not back down", she added while noting that this trade action was the strongest Ottawa has taken since World War II. The list of more than 250 goods subject to Canadian duties include Florida orange juice, and Kentucky bourbon. The levies will remain in effect until the USA eliminates its tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. -China trade dispute. Canada sends three quarters of its exports to the United States, so any slowdown in American growth will affect Canada.

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Ottawa's unprecedented reprisal against its closest ally comes in response to the Trump administration's punishing tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

"I've politely declined because I'm not happy with the direction of the American government and their constant attacks on our country", Mr. Watson said.

Findlay said a bigger concern than the tit-for-tat moves between the USA and Canada is the repercussions of Trump's broader movement on trade, which has included tariffs aimed at China and countermeasures by the Chinese government.

Major automakers and manufacturers on Friday warned against imposing tariffs in filings with US Commerce Department, which President Donald Trump instructed in May to look into protecting the auto industry.

But at the end of May, Trump said that Canada and the European Union would be swept into the tariffs, setting off a series of tit-for-tat tariffs by close US trading partners.

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In Ottawa, officials and others have declined an invitation to the United States ambassador's annual July 4th bash.

In addition, the Government of Canada will make available up to $2 billion to defend and protect the interests of Canadian workers and businesses in the steel, aluminum and manufacturing industries.

"I've politely declined because I'm not happy with the direction of the American government and their constant attacks on our country", Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson told public broadcaster CBC.

Several countries, including Canada, are challenging that rationale with complaints against the United States to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). "It's largely balanced trade and so it's fair trade and it's free trade". On the campaign trail this week, Trump continued his attacks on Canadian dairy, wheat and duty-free customs allowances for Canadians returning home, saying they were scuffing up brand new shoes in order to sneak them in.

"American products, they use corn syrup and it's not as good", he declares. For example, Canada imports just $3 million worth of yoghurt from the USA annually and most of it comes from one plant in Wisconsin, the home state of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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