'possible' North Korea nuclear deal may not 'work out'

Posted July 06, 2018

The State Department also detailed a U.S. delegation led by its ambassador to the Philippines, Sung Kim, met with North Korean officials on Sunday to go over the next stages of initial agreements made on June 12.

"The expansion suggests that, despite hopes for denuclearization, Kim Jong Un is committed to increasing North Korea's stockpile of nuclear-armed missiles", the report's authors David Schmerler and Jeffrey Lewis wrote. They see "a regime positioning itself to extract every concession it can from the Trump administration - while clinging to nuclear weapons it believes are essential to survival".

"We have developed a program", Bolton said, "...about really how to dismantle all of their WMD [weapons of mass destruction] and ballistic missile programmes in a year".

The Washington Post on Saturday cited unnamed us intelligence officials as concluding that North Korea does not intend to fully surrender its nuclear stockpile.

President Donald Trump is trumpeting "many good conversations" with North Korea over denuclearization.

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His suggestion that he single-handedly prevented a war with North Korea is impossible to test.

"He wants to understand the Russian position, but, more importantly, he wants Putin to understand our position", Bolton said.

Patrick Cronin, senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Centre for a New American Security, said USA and South Korea officials had told him Pompeo would be seeking to agree to "a specific denuclearization road map, or at least significant dismantlement steps that could fill in a road map".

He said the administration was well-aware of North Korea's track record over the decades in dragging out negotiations with the U.S.to continue weapons development. They also say the USA has an unrealistic approach to North Korea's denuclearization.

Experts say Pompeo will have to coax significant reciprocal steps from North Korea that would firmly lock the country into a process of disarmament to justify the suspension of the U.S.

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USA intelligence is not certain how many nuclear warheads North Korea has. "I will just say this: Not answering the specific reports we've seen over the weekend ... we are using the full range of our capabilities to understand what North Korea is doing". Independent journalists were not given access to cover the event depicted in this image distributed by the North Korean government.

The Stanford team has proposed a 10-year roadmap, based on its belief that "North Korea will not give up its weapons and its weapons program until its security can be assured".

"We're not going to provide a timeline for that", she continued.

Trump's comments came as his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was to head back to North Korea to flesh out the nuclear agreement signed by the two leaders during their summit meeting last month.

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