Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide - Tips For Beginners Jumping Into Season 5

Posted July 13, 2018

Fortnite Season 5 has arrived alongside new content and Weekly Challenges.

One of the main skins of the season 5 Battle Pass is Rangarok which can be upgraded with new items as players progress further through the Battle Pass tiers. All four members of a squad can climb inside, but also work together to enable higher jumps using a well-timed lean. The ATK can also get a temporary speed boost when players realize a successful drift.

We're now working hard on completing the Season 5 Week 1 Challenges - as soon as we've unlocked the new loading screen and found the hidden Battle Stars from it we'll update this article.

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Set in motion by last week's one-time rocket event, Fortnite now includes in-game rifts - small, blue shimmers scattered around the map.

Here's everything we know about Fortnite Season 5.

The roof of the ATK also functions as a bounce pad. Fans can check out Epic Games' full patch notes for season 5 online. "Test your courage and step through a Rift".

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Late game Storm Circles are also changing slightly, allowing them to move around the zone rather than continually shrinking. We can now forget about slugging up a hill with our shopping trolleys because this new buggie is fully motorised. Heavy shotguns have been given a 10 pellet magazine, instead of 5, and the ability to double pump has been reduced with the introduction of a shot delay.

Though the Fortnite floating lightning bolt mission only tasks players with finding seven of them, there are significantly more available around the map. While the list of changes is fairly extensive, one notable addition to the Switch version is gyroscope aiming.

Fortnite season five has finally landed, bringing some of the biggest changes the world's hottest game has seen since making its debut.

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In 50v50 or 20v20 modes, you'll now get bonus XP up to three times per match for reviving teammates.